ask bloody bubble berry
*hugs back and smiles* Do you still host partys?

"Not really"

Uncle can I have a hug?


did that message not go through? .o.


If you’re a male RPer, reblog this. ;)


[[Saw the female version all over my dash. Couldn’t resist.]]

Honestly I'm not actually married. I just said it because I thought you were.

"No he became that bitch.."

I don't. You are a lovable stallion.

He blushes a bit

I'm sure you'll find someone else though. *eats Elusive's lungs*

"I doubt it"

*noms on him* Tastes like Brat and magic.

He chuckles

Can I eat him?

"Go for it"

Or not. You can find someone way better anyway.

He grabs Elusive by the horn and slits his throat